It is my pleasure to welcome you back to the St. Thomas Yacht Club for the 2022 St. Thomas International Regatta (STIR). We are extremely pleased to be able to continue the 40 year tradition of this spectacular event in these uncertain times. The U.S. Virgin Islands offers some of the best sailing in the world and we are thankful to have the full support of the VI Departments of Health and Tourism to help make this event possible.

Since the onset of the pandemic we have been continuously innovating ways to keep sailing while honoring restrictions, keeping our community safe, and continuing the spirit of sailboat racing in the Caribbean. Our short handed IC24 series has proven to be especially popular, with more boats on the start line than ever before. Careful planning and coordination has gone into ensuring that our events are safe, fun, and reliable.

We understand that these are challenging times and many organizers have had to cancel their events. We want to assure you that we have every confidence we will be able to hold this regatta as planned. The Virgin Islands has done an excellent job managing the pandemic and as a result we have very low rates of transmission and infection. Travel to the VI is safe, reliable, and well organized. Please rest assured that you are welcome in the US Virgin Islands and we look forward to seeing you and your crew at the St Thomas International Regatta.

Tony Coffelt
St Thomas Yacht Club

Tony Coffelt
Tony Coffelt - Commodore