Cowpet Bay, St. Thomas, USVI
March 22 –24, 2019

The St. Thomas Yacht Club (STYC) International Regatta Committee is the
Organizing Authority (O.A.) for this event.

1 Rules

1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of
Sailing. No National Prescriptions will apply. Rule Appendix T (Arbitration) will

1.2 The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) Rating Rule. Crew limitations for
CSA classes will be in accordance with the CSA Rating Rule. CSA rating
information can be found at

1.3 The IC24 Class Rules

1.4 The Class Rules of any other One Design Class that enters.

1.5 The 2019 IRC Rule, parts A, B & C. Rule 21.1.5 (d) will not apply.

1.6 The ORC Rating System

1.7 For Offshore Multihulls, the Offshore Multihull rating system. For other
multihulls, the CSA Multihull Rule.

1.8 Portsmouth Yardstick rule for Beach Cats.

1.9 The minimum number of crew aboard each boat shall be four, except for
beach cats which shall have a minimum of two. For yachts carrying a Regatta
approved member of the press, this member of the press shall not be included in
the crew Number, provided he/she does not contribute in any way (other than
seated position to the yacht’s competitive position).

1.10 The US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements (USSER) for Near Shore
and associated Appendices:
In the event of a conflict between these regulations and applicable class rules,
the class rules shall apply.

1.11 Racing rules changed are as follows:
44.1 see NOR 8.1
Rule 52 does not apply
64.1 see NOR 8.2
A2.1 see NOR 9.1

2 Advertising

Boats may be required to display the event bow stickers and /or sponsor flags
for the duration of the Regatta. Boats shall conform to World Sailing
Regulation 20.4.1: Advertising Code, and may only display event advertising
approved by the organizing authority.

3 Eligibility and Entry

3.1 The St. Thomas International Regatta is extending an invitation to CSA; IRC;
ORC; Multihull; CSA Bareboat; Beach Cats and One Design classes with a
minimum length of 20 feet. One design classes and groups of boats wishing to
race level, will have separate classes or may be scored as a sub-class within a
larger class at the discretion of the Regatta committee.

3.2 You are requested to enter on-line at:

3.3 All crewmembers will be required to sign a waiver of liability and media
release, which may be completed on-line.

4 Entry Fees

Entries received and paid in full by 1700ast January 31, 2019: US$150. Entries
received and paid between February 1, 2019 and 1700ast March 19, 2019: US
Entry fee for IC24s: US$200. Entry fee for Beach Cats: US$200.

5 Schedule

1700ast January 31 Deadline for early entry
1700ast March 19 Deadline for all entries
Thursday March 22 1000-1600 Registration Desk open at STYC
Friday, Saturday, Sunday March 22, 23, 24 1100 First warning signal for racing

5.2 A maximum of 12 races are scheduled for the one-design classes

5.3 A maximum of 7 races are scheduled for all other classes.

5.4 On Sunday, there will be no warning signal for racing after 1430

6 Sailing Instructions

Sailing instructions will be available on-line. Amendments to Sailing Instructions
and other Notices will be available on-line and an effort will be made to email
these to all entries. An email address, representing the boat entry contact, is
required with your online entry.

7 The Courses

The Regatta committee intends to conduct a varied and challenging schedule
including short distance courses and one-design windward-leeward races in the
waters surrounding the archipelago of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

8 Penalty System

8.1 The first two sentences of rule 44.1 are changed to: ‘A boat may take a One-
Turn Penalty when she may have broken one or more rules of Part 2 or rule 31 in
an incident while racing. However, when she may have broken one or more rules
of Part 2 while in the zone around a mark, other than a starting mark, her penalty
shall be a Two-Turns Penalty’.

8.2 The Jury may impose a penalty other than disqualification for breaches of
non-part 2 rules. This changes rule 64.1.

8.3 Decisions of the international jury will be final as provided in rule 70.5.

9 Scoring

9.1 A boat’s series score will be the sum of her race scores without a discard.
This changes rule A2.1.

9.2 One completed race shall constitute a series.

10 Radio Communication

All boats shall carry a VHF radio capable of transmitting communications to and
receiving communications from the Race Committee on channels 16, 71 and 72.

11 Prizes

Prizes will be awarded on the beach at St. Thomas Yacht Club commencing at
1830, Sunday March 24. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place in
each class with a minimum of 5 boats.

12 Disclaimer of Liability

Competitors agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing, by the Sailing
Instructions and this Notice of Race. Competitors agree to take any and all
responsibility for the sea worthiness of their yacht, the crew’s ability and the
safety equipment. Competitors also agree to take any and all responsibility for
damages caused to third persons or their belongings, to themselves or to their
belongings, ashore and at sea as a consequence of their participation in the
regatta, relieving of any responsibility the St. Thomas Yacht Club and all persons
involved in the organization under whatever qualification and to accept full
responsibility for the behavior and dress of the yacht’s crew, representatives and
guests. Competitors shall be acquainted with Fundamental Rule 4: DECISION
TO RACE: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to
continue racing is hers alone“. In any case, competitors agree that the St.
Thomas Yacht Club, the sponsors and their agents, have no responsibility for
loss of life or injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to any
vessel or property. As part of the registration process, each individual
participating crewmember will be required to sign a declaration accepting this
disclaimer of liability.

13 Photographic and Media Rights

Competitors will grant the organizing authority the unrestricted right and
permission to use the name and the image for any text, photograph or video
footage of either themselves or the yacht they are sailing during the event to be
published or broadcast in any media whatsoever (including but not limited to
press and TV advertisements or internet), for either editorial or advertising
purposes or to be used in press information; in this respect, competitors’ names
and any biographical material of themselves may also be used or reproduced in
any way known. As part of the registration process, and as a condition for
participation in the regatta, each individual participating crewmember will be
required to sign a declaration accepting this waiver of rights.

14 Further Information

All regatta questions should be submitted to